One of the most important parts of an app is its icon. It’s the first thing that your user will see when they look at your app. Which is why it is important to test your app icon. This tutorial will teach you how to preview your own app icons on an Apple TV.

The first step is to go to Assets>App Icon & Top Shelf Image>App Icon

Then you will see a three different layers of your app icons, labeled “front”, “middle”, and “back”

Xcode is a tool that can help developers navigate the world of apps. This article will teach you how to run your own Xcode project on an Apple TV wirelessly. I am using a Mac Mini(macOS 11.2.1), ATV4(tvOS 14.4) and Xcode(12.4).

Make sure that Xcode and your Apple TV are on the latest OS, and that they are on the same wifi network.

On you Apple TV, go to Settings>Remotes and Devices>Remote app and Devices

Shreyas Gupta

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